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We are currently booked for the 2021 wedding season!


WE ONLY HAVE A FEW DATES LEFT and they fill up fast!

If you are planning an Event in the Flathead Valley, you have come to the right place. We are so excited to work with you to beautify your Event or Wedding. From DIY to Full-Service — we've got you covered.

We like to keep things as simple as possible around here — we all have a lot going on. So when we can, we like to stay digital in our communications. I like to do an initial consult at the farm in our lovely greenhouse area. After that, you can expect ease in communication via Pinterest, email, and/or phone — technology for the WIN again. It is so easy to plan when you can quickly share your thoughts on our private Pinterest boards or shoot a quick email. As soon as you spot that unique style of yours, you can share it — and voila — I am pretty much reading your mind. From there we can discuss what is actually in season (because the internet can be misleading sometimes — so rude) and really dial in that perfect design to meet your budget and needs.

What will you find when working with us for your special day? You can count on us to provide you with top-notch customer service. It is our focus to provide you with an unforgettable palate of unique blossoms to bring that special touch to your Wedding or Event. With our undeniable uniqueness and attention to detail, you can be sure to get something that really stands out in a crowd. It is our goal to provide you with the freshest blooms we have available — you can count on that. It is also soothing to know that any of our farm-fresh picks are not going to be slathered in harsh-chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Who wants that stuff creeping into their phalanges? Yuck.

What type of flowers will I receive? That can be a bit tricky. We will schedule an initial consult with you to feel out your individual style and finalize a color choice. When choosing straight from the farm, weather plays a huge factor. We take very detailed notes to keep track of what and when a particular variety will be in-bloom, but mother nature can really put a hitch in things sometime. With that said, we can always subsidize from outside resources — and you would never know there was a problem. Improvising is a gift that we possess working in floriculture, and we do not like to disappoint. We will keep an up-to-date list on what you can expect to be in season. Just click the link here to see our on-farm availability.

Being a small family operation, dates and times fill up fast, so get in touch with usas soon as possible to schedule a consultation. You can print forms ahead of time by — you guessed it — clicking here.

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