The Farmin' Florista

Adventures in flower farming and design.

The Christmas Garden


It has been one incredibly busy year. While attending school full-time, I have been growing (pun intended) this fun and exciting new business. I have always enjoyed designing flowers, gardening, and writing. We purchased Big Red Truck Gardens in June of 2016. After the initial shocker of moving started to wear off, my head started spinning with ideas and possibilities. You should really come check the quaint urban farm out yourself some time to realize it’s beauty. Along with parenting, wifeing, growing, and designing, I am going to spend all of my free minutes blogging about my journey, so I am starting with this mini-post to test out my stuff. I am so excited to share this adventure of a farmer/florist with you. I hope to share many of my do’s and do not’s with you along the way. The piece pictured above was a custom design and represents my unique organic style, the greens we foraged from our property, and I had so much fun creating it. Thank you for supporting and growing with me. Stay tuned for some more in-depth posts. 

Posted 95 weeks ago